Innovative system solutions for 100% visual inspection & monitoring of adhesive and sealant application

QUISS system solutions successfully operate in the automated production of body shop as well as the paint shop, assembly shop and Power Train area. They are a very helpful tool for quality control and process optimisation. They help to reduce rework efforts and scrap production.

  • System solutions for all types of adhesives and surfaces
  • Different system versions available depending on available space and of the application system
  • Easy retrofitting in existing production equipment
  • System solutions for inline inspection during the sealant application process
  • System solutions for offline inspection after sealant application process

Increased productivity with automated bead repair

For all systems of the RTVision product family there is an automated bead repair function available. During the application the adhesive bead is precisely measured and any gaps are reported to the application or robot control system. In a second run these gaps are closed – precisely, with no overlapping and unwanted extra application.

  • Reduces the number of discarded components
  • Consequently optimizes production time and cost
  • Increases productivity

The database for your process optimization

logo SEE SEE is the new intelligent database of all systems of the RTVision product family, which, beyond the scope of conventional quality assurance reports, focuses on process management issues.
SEE saves extensive and individually configurable measuring data, among others such as bead width, distance to component edge, size of gaps in the adhesive or sealant application over freely selectable periods of time, and makes it available as fundamental data for continuous production process improvements.

SEE – focusing on profitability

  • Reveals sources of defects in upstream production stages
  • Enables timely counteraction in case of repeat errors
  • Helps optimize production processes
  • Reduces the amount of parts to be improved or discarded

SEE – Software for Enhanced Efficiency