High-speed can end manufacturing needs 100% inspection, too.

Production processes in the metal packaging industry are much too quick and complex to be monitored by the human eye. Even conventional automated inspection systems soon reach their limits when used to inspect high speed production processes. The inspection of shells and lined shells is a task which needs 100% accuracy to avoid unnecessary rejects and thus unnecessary costs.

TCVision.l – the world’s first inspection system with Gigabit Ethernet technology

This technology enables the inspection of shells at speeds up to 3000 shells per minute with highest accuracy, even with a minimum shell distance. Detected features are: geometric anomalies (curl deformation, shell ovality), dimensional accuracy (counter-sink diameter), compound placement, scratches on panel, dents, burrs and contaminations.

Detectable features:

  • Geometric anomalies (distortion and ovality)
  • Dimensional accuracy (curl diameter)
  • Compound placement
  • Scratches on panel
  • Dents
  • Burrs
  • Contaminations

Only truly defective shells are rejected, thus increasing efficiency whilst reducing pseudo spoilage and therefore saving costs significantly.


Inspection of shells with TCVision.l system